What to expect

Everything begins from the first moment we board the ship. During the one-hour trip from the port of Rafina to the port of Marmari (enough time to drink something and enjoy the trip), we feel the magic of slow living. Upon arriving at the island time stops and we can already notice its serenity. A ten-mile route in the countryside will lead us to the Aegean Sea going through crags, mountains and small villages that live on livestock and agriculture.

Vivarte Nature, located on the island of Evia in a unique landscape that combines the power of the mountain and the charm of the Aegean Sea, is about completely getting away just a breath away from Athens.

With the triptych nature, art and culture we suggest to our guests a different intellectual and sensory travel experience.

You will appreciate the rewards of an exciting journey after detoxing in the middle of pure nature with awareness, mental health and wellness programmes.

For nature lovers, art lovers, but also for any sensitive person who wants to live a holistic emotional experience guided by artists.

Our experiences and interactive programmes focus on:

  • Awaking your senses and your creativity
  • Being in the present, body and mind
  • Creating exciting memories
  • Connecting with your surroundings in a more direct and intense way
  • Developing your observation capacity
  • Inciting you in a vision of things from different perspectives
  • Learning new and interesting things
  • Living the simplicity
  • Rising memories and feelings
  • Stimulating you towards a more hybrid knowledge

We invite (incite) you:

  • To give you that time and space that you need to reconnect to your true self, relax and detox.
  • To share with us ideas, feelings and thoughts.
  • To exchange cultures and make bridges of knowledge.
  • To feel the rewards of slow living in a unique idyllic setting of spiritual and mental rejuvenation.
  • To gather ideas, research, experiment, grow and produce your own work.
  • To get inspired.

The world shapes all of us through events in our personal experiences; the extent to which we are able to expand our awareness and pay attention to all the ways of sensing things can significantly influence our understanding of what’s going on around us.

Our senses seem to operate separately, as distinct ways of perceiving the world, but they actually work closely together to help our minds make sense of everything around us. Everyone can learn to become more aware of this collaboration between our senses and our intellect and use this information for energy and healing in his own life.

Welcome to VivArte Nature. Created by Giorgos Tsintanelis and Sandra Pons Carreras, is a private estate combining the power of the mountains and the charm of the Aegean Sea.

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