About the island of Evia, how to get there?

Evia island (also Euboea, Eubée, Eubea, Euböa) is one of the closest islands to Attica, the second-largest Greek island in area and population. They are many ways to get there; by road through the bridge at Chalkida or by ferryboat from many small ports from the mainland (Rafina- Marmari/ Ag.Marina- N.Styra/ Oropo- Eretria). The two nearest ports from Athens are that of Rafina and Ag. Marina.

How do I get to the port of Rafina?

From Athens by coach (departure every half hour from Pedio of Areos,) or by taxi or car. From the airport by coach to Rafina port (departure every hour, please check). In Rafina you will take the boat to Marmari port.

How can I get to Vivarte Nature from Marmari port?

With your own car or by taxi.

Can I come alone?

Yes! Many of our guests are solo travelers. Of course, the programme that you choose will be implemented with a minimum of 3 persons. Our rooms are basically one bed. If they are all booked, you will have to share a room. If you don’t want to share, then you need to book both beds in the room if the programme is full with 9 guests.

Do I need experience to participate?

Any sensitive and thoughtful person can take part in our programmes, without possessing specific artistic skills or knowledge.

Can I come walking from Giannitsi village to Vivarte Nature?

We strongly suggest you start this escape by leaving the car in Giannitsi village and walking to the estate, along a gentle mountain road of 4,5 Km (3 miles) with panoramic views of the dramatic coastline so we can enjoy beautiful views of the Aegean Sea. It is not only a healthy walk for you but also a chance to reduce our environmental footprint.

What do I need to bring with me?

Comfortable clothing for the workshops and taking walks in nature, closed-toe shoes, bathing suit, sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towel, hat, bring a sweater or jacket (it might be cooler in the evening) and mosquito repellent. We suggest you bring a notebook to make your own travel book if you feel inspired.

Cash: Get Euros before you leave. Upon arriving in Athens, there are ATM machines available. However, there is no ATM machine in the local town, so make sure you have enough cash for your travels.

Prescription and OTC medications. There is a pharmacy in the local town but is a 25 km ride.

Please note that the last commercial point where you can buy something for your personal use is 25km away.

Are there animals in VivArte Nature?

Yes, we have 4 domesticated animals. In the wild there are weasels, magpies, owls, eagles, seagulls, different kinds of birds and rich variety of sea life as well as other wonderful creatures found in nature.

Is there an age limit?

Everyone above the age of 12 can participate in our programmes (12–18-year-olds accompanied by a parent).

Welcome to VivArte Nature. Created by Giorgos Tsintanelis and Sandra Pons Carreras, is a private estate combining the power of the mountains and the charm of the Aegean Sea.

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