Terms & Conditions

Coronavirus – COVID 19

The majority of our activities take place outside in the isolated environment of our estate so the risk is lower. We are all vaccinated and do rapid tests weekly.

We provide: hand sanitizer, masks and disinfectant spray.

Please take the time to read and understand our Terms and Conditions prior to booking your experiences with us. When you make a booking with us, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.


Will take place after confirmation via e-mail with spVivarte of the dates and the programme of your choise.

You will receive the information necessary to close your programme .

All prices and payments are in Euros. No other currencies will be accepted. The payment is taken in full by Electronic Fund Transfers. All bank charges are for the customer account.

Direct payment of the whole amount to a bank account or through e-banking (web-banking)

20 days prior to the start of the Tailor-made programme

7 days prior to the start of the programme : Two days of creativity or Two-day awakening the senses.

24 hours prior to the visit One-day escape

  • Even though a cancellation refund is not possible, you can change your dates only if there is the opportunity to do so and Vivarte agrees; as long as there are places open or there is a programme implemented on your alternative dates.
  • If you fail to join the art & cultural programmes, arrive after the commencement of the programmes, or leave Vivarte Nature prior to its completion, no refund will be made.
  • Paid fees are returned only in the case of cancellation of the programme’s implementation on our behalf. If we need to cancel for the safety of our guests, due to circumstances beyond our control, such as but not limited to acts of God, war, threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters or fire, no refund will be given.

EXCLUSIONS: Without limitation, spVivArte, is not responsible or liable for bodily injury, death, delays, changes or losses caused by, but not limited to acts of God, war, threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters, pandemics, accidents or any other events beyond or within our control; guests’ injuries, illnesses, medical nor psychiatric conditions developed during nor subsequent to the holiday; loss of/or damage to personal property of guests.

With your confirmation email and bank payment you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions that VivArte has implemented to carry out the programme – experience of your choice.

Welcome to VivArte Nature. Created by Giorgos Tsintanelis and Sandra Pons Carreras, is a private estate combining the power of the mountains and the charm of the Aegean Sea.

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