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grecoacte, art and cultural tourism event in south Evia Greece

• GRecoACTE takes place at the VivArte Nature estate and it was created to materialize and promote actions on the triptych of contemporary art, nature and tradition.

It aims to promote the hidden Greek treasures, the material and immaterial cultural heritage.

The raw material of GRecoACTE is drawn from two productive sources:
1) From the Greek history, as well as the myths, the innumerable customs, our folklore, the customary performances and the local skills and rituals.
2) From the power of art and contemporary artistic creation.

GRecoACTE shows the new relationship of modern art and tradition in an innovative way, creating its actions for the benefit of tourism.

Its goal is:
• To become established in the industry of tourism as an international meeting of networks with common interest in art and culture.
• To consolidate a new concept in the definition of cultural tourism.
• To re-define the role of transnational movement of individuals, who from passive tourists of the mass become travelers of new experiences of life and exchangers of ideas.

2nd GRecoACTE: Mediterranean - Innovative Bridges "Five Countries +1" .Art and Cultural Tourism Event

Contemporary Art, Nature and Tradition

Contemporary Art

A means of dynamic expression and creation, an effective tool,   at the service of human communication


An timeless platform of inspiration and release of the senses, a sustainable approach on the relations between art, culture and tourism.


A new framework for the reactivation and representation of intangible cultural heritage, a creative link with the past and, at the same time, so much necessary.