Our Philosophy

The aim of this project is to focus on the development of natural space with human utilization, to explore art in rural areas, approaches to agriculture and culture, along with the notion of the "museum (gallery, balcony) without walls" and the positive contribution Land Art can make to sustaining and developing the country. Ideally resulting in a dialogue between landscape, arts and man through public interaction and education.


Our approach

Vivarte Nature explores the nature with artistic approaches. Landscape architecture, sculpture, painting, land art… are the tools for analyzing and developing a particular space. Art makes a significant contribution to our philosophical and cultural perception of the landscape, to preserve the quality and authenticity of the natural area, generating a place for human activities.


Our Myth

We traveled to the tops to meet there the Oreads, nymphs of mountains.

We kept company to the stars staying by the side of the Hesperides, daughters of the night.

We dived into the crystal waters of the Aegean wanting to swim with the Nereids.

We searched the Dryads, nymphs of the forests.

As if by magic, we found them all together, living hidden as driven off, in an idyllic and peaceful place: an isolated and pristine place where the feeling of freedom becomes the mirror of the soul.

VivArte Nature Founders

Giorgos Tsintanelis

He studied visual arts, art history, architecture, photography and cinematography.
Since the ‘90s he emphasizes the concept of combining arts. He taught in art schools in Athens and Piraeus.
Member of the EETE since 1995, he participates in exhibitions of design, painting and architecture, in Greece and abroad.
With the project Vivarte Nature, George Tsintanelis creates and visualizes an art center in nature that would be a meeting point for those who want to live a different artistic and cultural experience.

Sandra Pons Carreras

She studied at the Fine Arts school Massana in Barcelona. In the past years, she combines visual arts and performances. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Since 2006 she opened an art school “Vivarte” Athens, where she teaches painting and sculpture.The holistic approach of the arts and the relationship between man and nature are the center of her quest.


Director VivArte.gr


"Geopoetry" inspired by the earth