Art & Nature.

It offers paths and terraces, where different art works and proposals are developed, while simultaneously being surrounded by nature. This option provides a natural space to the art-associated, while giving contemporary art a unique context, in which an ongoing dialogue with the landscape can be exhibited. In addition, it takes an original approach and, also, understanding to the contemplation of contemporary works and art as an undivided intellectual and sensory experience, always associated with the landscape.

Designed as an open study, you can visit several different places, see the many different works, converse with the artists and learn about their creative process.

art installation, Greece and theatre

The mocking theatre

An installation art in honor to the relationship between Greece and theatre and its history. Extracts from Sophocles’ and Euripides’ tragedies.
The cruel Clytemnestra, Orestes with Pilades, the lamented Elektra, Antigone with the blind Tiresias, the sarcastic Creon.
Tragic figures frozen in time en-act scenes of the ancient Greek art of acting.

Human silhouettes. Art installation

Human’s silhouettes

An installation art of two sides with four paintings on poly(methyl methacrylate). Human bodies and faces constricted by their frames suffocate and their only escape is the surface of the materials that holds them.

painting and metal relieve, outdoors artworks

Snapshots of the countryside

Nine pieces of art, pictures of figures and symbols awaken for each individual the part that is an ephemeral moment of a countryside memory.

Art Gallery VivArte Nature

Art Gallery

Oriented towards the East and with starting point the Kavo Doro, the building is divided into two levels devoted to the earth and the wind. A suggestion of contemporary organic architecture that is in harmony with nature and meant for accommodating pieces of art of the same concept.

Art Gallery VivArte Nature

VivArte Nature Art Gallery

Sculpture and painting

Human’s scenery

Four pieces of art that combine painting and sculpture in the open space. An artistic conversation between colours and human kinesiology. The human attracts, falls, penetrates and stands up by determining, with the help of proportions, their place in the space.

outdoors sculptures

Outdoors Sculptures

It offers paths and terraces, where different artworks (sculptures, paintings, installation, photography) and proposals are developed, while simultaneously being surrounded by nature.

Project Mythic Forest

The aesthetic scenography of space was our purpose. With the awareness of giving birth to a new space well defined, we explore the natural characteristics with an artistic approach, all the while by reforming a forest path, basically predominated by holm oaks, oaks and wild olive trees, for our use.

The characteristics of the area and also its traditions were the resources to configure and achieve the Mythic Forest, which is inspired by Greek mythology related to nature.

IX Muses

Iron Installation.
The Muses were the Greek goddesses of inspiration in literature, science and the arts.

Iron Art Installation.

An amazing scenery into the forest created by artist and inspired by Greek mythology


Dryads,nymphs of oak trees. They were considered to be very shy creatures, however they punished any mortal who harmed trees.

Mythic Forest

A scenographic footpath where contemporary art and ancient myths meet.

Ephemeral art works

Ideal for artistic actions and small temporary interventions.

Characteristics of the forest

Holm oaks, oaks and wild olive trees are part of the landscape, structured in small dry stone terraces

Programs awakening the senses

A journey into the world of fragrances, colors, memories and feelings.

Art Garden

A place created by artists for a better quality of life.

Designed in terraces to give pleasant and varied views to the Aegean Sea.

The qualities of landscape, combines mountain and sea, a real balcony overlooking the Aegean sea.

A dialogue Man- Nature- Agriculture.

Where the stresses and strains of daily life disappear and where relaxation and adventure begin.

Feel the geopoetry.