VivArte Nature,  a dialogue MAN-SPACE-ENVIRONMENT

… A breath away from Athens…

VivArte Nature

Located in a secluded natural landscape in south Evia, the Vivarte Nature” operates as a summer haven of art and culture.


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Art programs & Workshops

With the triptych nature, art and culture, we propose to our visitors a different intellectual and sensory experience. Landscape architecture, sculpture, painting, photography and land art… are the tools for a creative Journey in nature guided by artists.

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Nature, Escape & Art

Combine your journey with art and creation.

Tempt yourself to escape to a natural paradise overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Awake your senses in an isolated landscape that combines the power of the mountains and the charm of the sea.

Enjoy an intellectual adventure where contemporary art and ancient myths meet.

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Summer Event 2017