Contemporary Art, Nature and Tradition


A pivot for the development of a country…..Greece.

view of a modern threshing floor overlooking the Aegean sea

Events Program 2017 17-18 June

A selected group of artists create and organize 5 thematic presentations and 1 performance.







With the collaboration of :
Association "Filagra"
Association women of Marmari " Folk house"
Cultural Organization of the Karystos Town Hall "Αnemopyles”
Tourist Association of Karystos.
Association of Professionals & Craftsmen Karystos.

Auspices, Partners,Sponsors

Grecoacte . Auspices and sponsors

With the support :   L. Vouli ( Dance Karystos ), A. Bournou ( Dance Marmari ), G. Sfyridis – Biliosis ( Violin ), L. Lionis (Stone Craftsman), D. Lapsati ( the Loom), D. Xipolitos ( Traditional Tavern), D. Politopoulos (Brewery of Macedonia Thrace SA), I.  Hountasis (Slaughterhouses of Karystos SA), I.  Pezas-N.Pavlakis (Karystia Wine IKE), Kallaniotis Super Market, A. Zouras (Rocks of Karystos), N. Lagonikos (SET)

EVENT'S PROGRAM 17-18 June 2017

10.30   Welcome reception, introduction to the program and tour to Vivarte Nature.

11.30-13.00  five innovative interactive presentations.

  • "SELF-SUFFICIENCY POETRY"    In an open especially tailored display of photography and painting, there will be live presentation in four stages of a typical example of our traditional way of life. (Shearing, carding wool, spinning, weaving). The distaff, the woof, the thread, the spindle, the spinning wheel and the shuttle in the magic of the loom.
  • “WHISPERS OF THE STONE”    The Carystian rock, the integral element of the area, becomes the main theme of this presentation. A local craftsman materializes modern plastic applications accompanied by a traditional instrument musician.
  • COLOUR AND GREEK SCENTS”    It is a creative tour in the garden of art with scents of the Greek countryside such as basil, lavender, origan, sage, mint, pine, thyme etc. Following, their interpretation is presented in colors in abstract painting works of art.
  • PALATE  IDOLS”    Traditional dishes and drinks are highlighted by local associations. An innovative presentation of products in sculptured artwork show-cases. The artworks are inspired and related to reflect the flavours of the region.
  • MYTHS AND BODYART”    (Greek Mythology through the “eyes” of contemporary art).     An original and interactive presentation emphasizing body art. Having as a canvas the human body, painting, photography and body art travel the participant in a discreet mythological theme. Following this, the participants enact it in a prepared painting of mythological portrayal. Next is Art photography.

13:30  Presentation of our traditional folk dance Kavontoritikos”  in a modern threshing floor along with an interactive performance of pictorial character.

Dance groups and regional associations present the local folk dance not only as an optical and acoustic experience but also as a transformation in colors due to the transparent palette of the Spanish performer Sandra Pons Carreras.

Violin Giorgos Sfyridis (Biliosis)
Dancing Cultural Organization Municipality of Karystos "Anemopyles", dancing group of Marmari.

14:00   Lunch of local character

15:00-16:00 Visit in the " Mythic Forest”

A travel in Greek Mythology.  Fine arts performers guide visitors through passages to mythical routes in the woods accompanied with the god Pan, Dimitra and Persephone, Narcissus, the Muses and the Nymphs of the mountains.